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“To be an excellent organization in integrated water resource management to advocate Selangor State vision”


"To manage Selangor State water resource in a holistic manner towards universal well-being”


"Quality, Efficient and Perfect"


"Water for All"


  • To ensure water resource, river basin, coastal water and their environment are in a preserved and sustainable state so as to support viable development of the state socio-economic.
  • To implement functions as planner, implementor, coordinator, facilitator, researcher and enforcer in an effective, systematic and efficient way in water resources development and management.
  • To create an encouraging environment for the participation of public and private sectors in water resources management by taking into account interest of the public and State Government as well as inculcating public awareness on the importance of preserving water resources.
  • As a reference point and role model to the Malaysian states and foreign countries in excellent integrated water resources management.

LUAS Functions :-

LUAS is strengthened with legal and enforcement provision based on Selangor Waters Management Authority Enactment 1999. 17 main functions of LUAS based on the Enactment are summarized as follows :-

  • To coordinate relationship and cooperation of a diverse of agencies domestic;
  • To adopt and implement policies, plan and government project;
  • To take care of the State's interest in water resources matters;
  • To regulate through licensing of any activity related with water resources;
  • To regulate through enforcement ;

Rational SWMA Logo


  • Blue - Representing colour of water which is bluish, serene, lively and clean. It is broken down into three weavering stripes where the top portion represents land surface water such as river, pond, lake, dam and wetland. The middle portion represents ground water body, while the bottom portion represents coastal waters.
  • Yellow (top) – Representing perfect preserving, nurturing and growth of eco-system and environment for flora and water habitat so as to sustain the species diversity.
  • Yellow (bottom) – Representing well-preserved earth in a catchment area. Geographical change, terracing, land use and tree-planting are to be implemented perfectly so that it is compatible with water resource environment, environmentally friendly and contributing to the growth of glora and fauna.
  • Thick blue line – representing scope of management which is strong, efficient and sustainable.

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