Monday, August 10, 2020

Legal And Enforcement Division

Prosecution & Licensing Unit
  • To ensure LUAS Enactment and its subsidiary regulations are enforced and implemented accordingly in tandem with LUAS’s plan and development.
  • To draft, or revise the preparation of legal provision relating to the activities and jurisdiction of LUAS.
  • To provide legal advice in LUAS’ operational and administration matters which have legal implication.
  • To monitor and supervise preparation of investigation paper which is opened for any offences under the LUAS Enactment.
  • To handle and supervise the running of court cases whether criminal or civil, for or on behalf of LUAS.
  • To supervise and manage issuance of license or written approval for activities regulated by LUAS.

Carta Unit Pentadbiran Dan Sumber ManusiaProsecution & Licensing Unit Chart

Enforcement Unit
  • To coordinate, regulate and monitor activities regulated under LUAS Enactment.
  • To enforce legal provisions of LUAS Enactment and its subsidiary regulations.
  • To monitor and enforce compliance of conditions or license and written approval issued by LUAS.

Carta Unit Pentadbiran Dan Sumber ManusiaEnforcement Unit Chart

Carta Unit Pentadbiran Dan Sumber ManusiaLegial & Enforcement Division Chart

Fungsi Unit Penguatkuasaan
  • Menyelaras, mengawalselia dan memantau setiap aktiviti di bawah Enakmen LUAS.
  • Menguatkuasakan Peraturan-peraturan di bawah Enakmen LUAS.
  • Memantau dan menguatkuasakan syarat-syarat Lesen supaya dipatuhi.

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